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The Farm

The Farm and Wildlife

The 9800 ha reserve is home to over 860 animals, including the White Rhino, Oryx, Giraffe, Sable, Roans, Kudu, Nyala, Eland, Impala, Springbuck, Golden & Blue Wildebeest and so much more! The Ugab river bed forest's ancient trees, providing an abundance of shade and food, creating the perfect habitat to attract a diverse number of species. Even free-roaming elephants cross over the farm and are occasionally spotted in the area.

Unique to Ugab’s wildlife are 3 white rhinos, named Fritz, Diana & Julia that roam near the main premises, and can be seen from the outdoor lounging area.  An encounter with Elsa, a tamed eland cow, is a favourite among the visitors who can feed her during the game drive.


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“Come for the wild animals, stay for the adventure and comfort!”